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1. One of the best Irish films in years. 2. Hilarious take on an Irish epic adventure. 3. The People's Republic on camera.


Conor and Jock, two dopey looking innercity teenagers from Cork, are best friends who dress the same, with dodgy haircuts and bum-fluff moustaches. Jock is a local legend — the uncatchable bike thief — much to the annoyance of bike cop Healy who has vowed to catch him. Jock hears about a failed drug trafficking attempt in West Cork where 61 bales of cocaine, each of which is worth €7 million, end up in the sea. Jock and Conor steal two bikes and travel on a 160km road trip hoping to find a bale with Healy in hot pursuit

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15A CertificateFilms classified 15A have been deemed appropriate for viewers of fifteen and over. However, they can also be seen by younger children - provided they are accompanied by an adult who has deemed the film appropriate viewing for that child. In such cases, IFCO strongly recommends that parents/guardians make informed decisions by accessing the consumer advice available on this website.
Country: United Kingdom, Ireland
Language: English
Released:16 September 2016
Duration: 90 min
Genres: Comedy

Film Credits

Peter Foott
Julie Ryan
Peter Foott
Peter Foott
Hilary Rose
Alex Murphy
Michael Sands
Dominic MacHale
Chris Walley
Ciaran Bermingham
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