Love Yourself Today

Happenings@ St. Anne's Park


The film centres around the music of Irish singer songwriter Damien Dempsey but also turns the lens onto his fans. Every Christmas in Dublin, the crowds gather for Damo’s Christmas gig at Vicar Street. For many, these shows have become a cathartic ritual, a safe space where emotions can be laid bare. Through the prism of the concert, we meet Dempsey and three members of the audience. We hear their stories, unravel their grief and find the light in the darkness through communal art. 


With themes of addiction, loss but also hope and positivity, Dempsey’s music often reflects his fans' pain, alleviates their anguish and ultimately provides peace as they ‘sing all their cares away’.  

Part documentary, part concert film, Love Yourself Today is an emotive celebration of modern spirituality and the power of music to heal.

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Country: Ireland
Language: English
Released:5 November 2021
Duration: 80 min
Genres: Documentary

Film Credits

Ross Killeen
Ross Killeen
Louise Byrne
Damien Dempsey
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Happenings@ St. Anne's Park

The Stables, St. Anne's Park, Raheny, Dublin 5, Dublin See Map